Two Cat Games


Perang: 3 Card Battle

How to Play

The Cards

Picture of the front of the Perang Card.
  • ← Attack Values
  • ← Defend Values
  • ← Card Name and Description
  • Each Perang Card represents a character, item, location, spell, etc. from the world of Tenmia.
  • Across the top of the card will be a rendering of the card's identity surrounded by its attack and defense values.
  • The values in green are for attack; red for defense.
  • The bottom half of the card will have the name and description of the card.
  • The sum of the values represents the cards balance level.
  • Balance Level 1 cards will add up to 25. It goes up from there.

The Battle Board

The Perang Battle Board with six Cards. 3 on top, 3 on the bottom. Back to How to Play

Future Features

  • The ability to view your deck in its entirity.
  • The ability to view all previously seen cards.
  • Randomly selected starter deck, it is currently static.
  • Losing the battle also means losing one of your cards.
  • Card Graphics including artwork and descriptions.
  • Field Modifiers
  • Attack Graphics
  • Touch Friendly Edition
  • Controller Support
  • More User Graphic Controls
  • Addtional Save Slots to allow a new game without deleting the active player deck.
  • Improved AI